More doors than windows

19 10 2016

It was a rainy day on a relatively cold winter. The pendulum clock struck 9. A packed lunch box and a school bag laid in front, as I looked through a window of my house, that had two doors and six windows. My neighbour who was usually early to school was back home. Yes, it turned out a holiday as she communicated across the window.
Two decades later, the house now has six doors and five windows. I looked out of the window. A few metres away is a neighbour’s window with a curtain, spelling fancy in English shades of grey. Other windows in the house are facing walls, considering privacy. 

On a stormy day with no electricity, it turned out to be a day sans telecommunication. No pop up notifications flashed on mobile nor breaking news on the television. Searching vehemently for the missing wrist watch, it dawned upon that there was not a wall-clock in the house. 

With no idea of the passing time, I cuddled snugly onto bed and waited to wake up to a restored electricity supply, still not bothering enough on seeing another human soul.

Technology has brought the world closer, with a potential to make the farthest seem nearer. What fate does it then bring up on the objects that are nearer? 

The much merrier meeting up of families and friends squirm under the advent of mail alerts and sale notifications. Befriending a stranger seems distant with the constant sighting of mobile phones that neither received a call nor a message. 

When those questions on route navigations, recipes, sports, gardening et al crop up, the virtual world comes to rescue, providing all the information on a platter. All the same, it silently discards the real time discussions and very human experiences of learning, living and loving. 

So, when was the last time you looked out of a window, concentrating only on the big, beautiful world outside? 

A daughter’s joyous birth & a mother’s agonising rebirth

19 06 2016

It was the 3rd of June.

A regular maternity check up for 38 weeks at the gynaecologist resulted in immediate admission owing to high blood pressure & above average uterine contractions.

Yes, I turned out to be an eclampsia patient who wasn’t apparently diagnosed earlier. My regular doctor wasn’t available and it was about 7 hours since another doctor arrived to decide on my labour. Saviour as she turned out, she wasted no time post her arrival.

An emergency c-section was performed and my daughter was born. The most wonderful moment of my life was to see her flesh and blood.

Sighing a sense of relief, it seemed all done and over now. Destiny however had it different the next morning, my stomach bloated with fluids like a 9 month pregnant woman. I couldn’t carry myself and gained several kgs in few hours. Doctors were clueless. Food and liquids were cut down, with just trips running through me.

I couldn’t get up to grab a look at my new born in the cradle and fed her lying on back, with the help of my sister during the day. At night, it was with the help of my husband and kind nurses.

On the third day, I pushed myself to get up and lift the baby for the first time. It was so precious because I couldn’t repeat the act. I couldn’t even use the bathroom and toilet with out my husband.

After 4 days, I was to be shifted to another hospital with better facilities. Being hurried on to an ambulance, in blurry vision I saw my sister in tears, husband grasping me tight, dad running and rest of family standing before me; my just born daughter left alone in maternity hospital.

The critical care unit in the hospital called the medical condition ‘ascites’, caused by protien leakage due to high BP pregnancy hormones. Needles were injected to remove fluids.

It was a nightmare as I was heavy on drugs and steroids. Using bedpans in critical care was the last thing I wanted in life. It was 9th of June as I clasped my husband and sister tight during the brief visiting time, as I felt it could be my last. I could feel my intestines and other parts by touching on the stomach. There were patients around me in the ward each with its own criticality. It scared me to death.

The only solace among all the happenings was shifting my new born to the safety of my sister’s house. I told myself that I have to come back for her.

On 11th of June, I had shed off 10 litres of fluids. It took another two days in the general ward before I was discharged.

Finally my family welcomed me and the baby home.
Ten days in two hospitals taught the values of life, family and friends in ways that will stay etched.

Today, I’m full of scars that remind me to stay strong, come what may.

Rainbows after a storm – Chennai floods

4 12 2015

It has been ages since I wrote a column. Tonight it feels irresistible to pour out the myriad thoughts as my birth place is flooded.

Certain experiences outgrow one’s perspective on life. This, for sure, is one of them.

The last few days had little or no telecommunication – no calls, SMS, whatsapp & social media. A metropolitan city had turned into an island.

Listening to radio channels was the only source of news. Thanks to smartphone, there is no more radio on mobile. Thanks to our battered cars which provided us with charged up mobile and news on radio. People who lost contact with their families were trying to reach out. People who sought relief from strangers were trying to inform their whereabouts. And then there were others who were helping people help themselves by sharing helpline numbers. If the helplines could manage it was something that remains unclear, considering the feedback from people who were sending out distress signals.

The radio jockeys for sure did a thankless job, much appreciated. There were a whole bunch of people spreading optimism by being able to see that silver lining in the storm. And then there were a few complaining of no electricity and no groceries. Realisation & preparation for lack of supply is needed. Whining on it however felt irrelevant given the intensity of the situation.

And then there was television media. In the brief time that I had access to it, I watched a private channel flashing news of how it helped rescue people. A journalist was holding a microphone on one hand, facing the camera and on the other hand holding the victim’s hand. In a moment, thankfully, I lost the electricity supply. For the first time, I felt less regret on missing out to become a media person, once a childhood dream.

There were also rescue teams and the philanthropic public offering support, food and water. Is there ever going to be a way to return the gratitude? I’m afraid not.

Have your ever helped a stranger on road? I, for one, have never done any form of it in person. Spent my earnings in charity, yes. Today it dawned on me that there is no help like stepping out and lending a hand. Lending money dawned to be the cheapest deed of my life. Proudly, in this need of the hour, strangers have helped each other in ways one wouldn’t have imagined. Providing food, clothing & shelter to unknown rekindles the sense of humanity. For the first time in this city, it felt safe to keep the doors open.

It also brought about a sense of equality. Nature is the only factor on earth that treats everyone on the same footage. It was a nail on the head as the airport was flooded and unavailable for service, but it brought about a sense of equality of all social-economic classes.

I haven’t been able to reach my parents but a friend lent a hand to check out the status on that area. Today when I check out on Facebook, it turns that there were several people offering this help to friends and strangers who were not able to reach families. Although it feels terribly guilty to not be there in person for my parents, it feels good that someone somewhere is willing to help.

There have been several times one searches for a purpose of life. This calamity for sure brought about a sense of my purpose in life. Earning the month’s salary, buying the 3bhk house and ‘settling’ down in life is not even close to the definition of purpose.

Live and liven up!

Salute to everyone who had the courage to help! You are the treasures of mankind, helping people see the rainbow after a storm.


9 11 2013


Life feels like this banyan tree. Lost for words?!

Egg curry!!!

19 01 2013

Here we go!!! After a long time!!!

I have moved into Netherlands on an assignment. All the time i spend here is into enjoying the beauty of the country, travelling in their public transport systems, cuddling at home and most important of all maintaining a house on my own!

I do a lot of cooking these days that suddenly i have to come to realise that my other two hobbies on writing and photography had taken a backseat! Why not combine all three now?









Egg curry (serves 2 persons)


1 big onion

2 eggs

1 tomatao

6 strands of corriander – finely chopped

Green chillies – 2 – finely chopped

3 strands of Spring Onions

Curry leaves powder – 1 teaspoon

Dhaniya powder – 1.5 teaspoons

Jeera powder -1 teaspoon

Garam malasa – 1/4 teaspoon

Chilli powder – 1/2 teaspoon

Subji masala – 1/4 teaspoon

Turmeric powder – 1/4 teaspoon

Coconut milk – 3/4 cup

Ginger garlic paste – 2 teaspoons

Butter – 20gms

Salt – 1.5 teaspoons

Water – 1 tablespoon


Heat the pan with butter. Add onions and saute for a minute.

Add tomatoes and ginger garlic paste. Add corriander and green chillies. Saute for a minute.

Mix the spices (garam malasa, turmeric powder, chilli powder, jeera powder, curry leaves powder, dhaniya powder) into a small cup with 3 teaspoons of water. Add the mix to the pan. Saute for a minute.

Break the eggs and pour it directly into the pan. If you prefer to have the eggs float apart, please do not stir the eggs too much into the curry. I like it mixed totally with the curry, so that i have less effort eating😉 So I would normally stir it well in the pan.

Add cocounut oil & 1 tablespoon of water, close the pan for 5 minutes. Open it to a toast of smoking, delicious egg curry!!!

Movie Review – Titanic 3D

29 05 2012

It’s been a really long time! Here I am, back to what I love doing!







I saw Titanic in 2D all the way back in school. Probably twelve years ago. I saw it with my entire family then. My sister and I enjoyed watching it a great deal though we walked out heart-drenched.

It felt the same as I saw it with a close friend this time around in 3D. You may not however call it a 3d screening. It was only a replay of the original film. Not much of 3D per se could be felt. But the emotions took depth and you seldom remember that it is a 3D movie.

Rose and Jack board the deck of Titanic from different circumstances. Rose is accompanied by her mother and fiance. She is forced into a relationship with her fiance as her mom yearns to become a millionaire’s mother-in-law.

Jack, on the contrary, is an ordinary boy who wins a ticket to Titanic by winning a poker. He boards the ship at the last moment with his friend.

Jack and Rose first see each other from huge distances as their decks are totally different in Class. Jack is impressed on the first look whereas Rose is only casual as  her temperament would have been tested by her fiance on a dinner table.

Irked with life, Rose attempts to commit suicide by jumping from over the huge ship. Jack comes to rescue her. Her fiance in complement invites him for a dinner into the upper deck. Jack hardly knows anything about the attitude the class of people there would carry. Nevertheless, he never shows his nervousness. He kisses the lady who comes down the royal stairs. It is the famous kiss on the hands!

After a boring dinner in the upper deck, Jack takes her to the lower deck to show her what a real party means. They enjoy themselves with a dance that makes you smile!

Next day, Jack comes over to the upper deck to meet Rose. Rose quickly comes out of a conversation with the ship’s designer on why he had very few lifeboats given the capacity. The designer beams in pride about the ship’s sturdy body of iron.

Rose and Jack start a not-so-friendly conversation. But as Jack shows his book of paintings, Rose is impressed. They then play a game of who spits longer, as her mom squirms seeing him.

Next day, Jack drags Rose into a room and asks her if she really loves her fiance. He has no place to go after reaching America but then all the determination to work his life out. Rose refuses and quickly leaves. That evening, she comes back to him saying that she changed her mind. That’s when the famous scene happens. They stand atop the nose of the ship with hands held free.

They then go back to her suite as she requests him to make a picture of her wearing only a necklace. A necklace made of diamonds that is given by her fiance, a necklace that triggers the discovery of Titanic. They drop the painting and the necklace on the safe and leave the room with a note to her fiance that wouldn’t be back.

Rose and Jack hide from her fiance’s aide and get into a car where they make love. They then flee to the upper deck and kiss as the Titanic hits the iceburg with a jolt. The crew realizes a little later in time and though they do all that could be possible to avoid the iceburg, it does hit the lower deck. The workers on the coal engine are the first ones to get trapped. Some of them do manage to move out with great unity.

The people in the lower deck are delibrately forced to stay inside. A cabin crew personnel ends shooting Jack’s friends who is from the lower deck. Sick of his act, he shoots himself in a facade.

While Rose cannot leave Jack to take the life boat, Rose’s mother leaves her.  Jack tries to save Rose, in every possible way that one can be saved, even after the ship sinks!

Watch it, feel it!

Hand-made flowers!

24 01 2012

My sister once made a hibiscus flower out of stockings for my sweetheart niece. It was for a  Peek-a-boo fancy dress competition at Express Avenue mall. This is a hand-made one  and i love this pic.

Adithi - The Hibiscus!












I wasn’t quite well last weekend – just out of fever and something was bothering me within. I decided to keep myself occupied. I copied the flower idea😛 I went to an arts & craft shop (unlike me!) to buy some beads for making bracelets. But I ran into a school girl who came to buy stockings to make flowers. I got reminded of the left-over stocking and strings that akka had given me by chance. Besides, i asked the school girl a lot of questions and learnt how to make the flower. I bought some more stockings and strings from the shop and got back home. And this is what i made!









This doggy flower vase showcasing the flowers was a gift from sis when she was pregnant. I remember choosing this gift assuming it was for my brother-in-law. Wonderful times!

I am going to gift these to my loving aunt, all this craft got handed over from her!