Payal & Anu

Beautiful World © Poornima Prabakaran

I gently undid the stapler

Tore open the plain plastic cover

Held her in my tiny little hands

She was little Payal

I quickly managed a glimpse sideways

Sister tore open her gift

Anu came into her hands

Two dolls that looked just the same

But for the blue frock of Payal

And the pink one of Anu

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

Payal looked beautiful than Anu

Payal & Anu had sparkling White Shoes

I caught a quick glimpse of my school shoes

Dirty as they were and much worn out

Payal moved her hands up and down

Twisted her legs back and forth

Her hair was silky soft

Closed her eyes every time I lay her down

Her eyes beamed again when I held her erect

Her forehands could never fold

Her fingers could never point

Her legs could never bend

Her eyes were round as an Alien’s

She was still the first wonder of my World

I ran out to the open space

Caught my sister with a bucket and mug

Anu was gracefully taking bath

How could Anu do this to Payal

As if Anu and Payal were born in the same house

They only came from the same shop!

Payal was quickly brought outside

I washed her as fast as I could

Yet couldn’t finish her off

Before sister was done with Anu

What if I was last

Payal had a hair bath

Anu only had a plain bath

Proud of my achievement

I dried Payal’s hairs with my own Towel

I went to dry the towel

It had strands of brown hair

I ran back to Payal

Her hair wasn’t silky anymore

Her hair stood as erect as she was in Amazon

Her Pony tail could never be made again!

I caught a glimpse of Anu

She was flaunting her silky soft hair

A world that seemed so unfair!

I suddenly grew up, Payal never did

One day I din’t realise Mum threw her in the bin

Of-course she threw Anu too!

They were both a gift from Aunt so dear

I cried to myself

Not because Payal din’t look beautiful anymore

Not because hers shoes were already dirty

Not because her right eye stopped winking

Not because her blue frock’s welcrow failed

But because…

She was a memory of my growing up

She was a memory of my aunt

She was a memory of envying my sister

I cried only to later realise

Memories aren’t in the Material toys

But in the Little Joys

As Life unfolds!


3 thoughts on “Payal & Anu

  1. Hmm i relived those moments, so have they gone into the bin? when? now my daughter plays with sonu and she has found sonu’s dad in another toy… life is so fast, so live it up every moment of it.

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