Peace of mind – Beach size!

4 10 2011

Chennai has one of the world’s longest beaches. It runs upto 12kms across Marina all the way towards Besant Nagar. Probably the beaches on the eastern coast famously called the ECR form the Bay of Bengal & may not fit under the “Marina” category, which could be the reason why there is a bone of contention on its length compared to the rest of the beaches in the world.

If it included the entire coast line on Mahabs, Kovalam and all the way til Pondicherry, it would be one of the longest ever. Alas! What’s the big deal?! The kind of peace & solace I feel every time I visit the beach is certainly not bound by its length!

Marina is polluted in the place where it emanates – Fort. I feel pained to see the Couvum blend with Marina right under the Thiru-vi-ka bridge. Thankfully, it gets less polluted towards Besant Nagar and hardly polluted behind the Tiruvanmiyur RTO. The RTO beach is neither crowded nor deserted & I love it the most.

As a child I paid frequent visits to the Marina beach with my aunt and sis,  clasping their hands tight. I remember the times when I used to say that, “this is the last wave that am gona stand & feel, I will surely come out after this”.

Now, even as I walk alone on the beach, I don’t feel alone. I feel immense happiness in seeing the wave, listening to the tide and feeling the breeze or should I say, in short,  just being there. Inner peace, they say! Will miss you, if i were to ever leave Chennai!




3 responses

5 10 2011
Sripriya Jaganathan

Hello….u hav short and sweetly expressed ur pleasant experience..njoy ur walk. picture s cooolllll 🙂

8 10 2011

Thanks a lot Priya! Are you prema’s sister?

8 10 2011
Sripriya Jaganathan

Not to mention. Yes I am akka.

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