First month without a paycheck

It was a number that was inherent of corporate introductions. I, for one, could not comprehend the purpose of uttering the number. Wouldn’t ‘a few years’ sound more courteous than an actual figure? As one grows in age, one adds more years to work, but the count does not say anything about how the person performed, if she enjoyed it or what she aspires for. That has remained my belief on the number of years of work experience.

Strangely today, I wake up to discreetly count the years since the first pay cheque. It turned out to be the first month without a pay cheque.

With the  advent of Whatsapp and other mobile apps, SMS has considerably lost its charm. Except on the last day of a month, as the bank sends an SMS on the credit.

More than the amount of monthly compensation, the idea of being rewarded for a job well done was exhilarating. It gave the kind of zeal to plan holidays (yes, travel is so dear!), garner gifts, consider investments and fend on shopping.

Maternity leave is incredibly exciting with moments that will remain etched. As a mother, it feels great to have the time to recover from child birth and the joy of a new born has no bounds! It is a most certainly a phase in life that is priceless, not denying that all other phases are as well.

As an individual however, it may seem invariably intriguing. A day’s work was a means to travel, meet, learn. It was not the figures on the pay cheque that counted more than the self proclaimed celebration of a personal identity, beyond the surpassed social, family identities. 

As thoughts ponder, one comes to think of the enticing crafts, personal interests, freelance, investment banking and the myriad options in one’s own space, all the same capable of procuring a decent pay cheque during one’s parental break . If only we are trained to go to ‘my’ office instead of ‘the’ office, wouldn’t mothers be more equipped?!


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