Love grows with distance

It was a sunny Saturday morning, when I boarded a bus reaching airport.

There was time left for the arrival, yet I couldn’t stop myself hurry from the bus station to the airport plaza.

The Flight Information Display System changed the E77 flight status to “Landed” and there I was with a broad smile.

Two months ago, I was at the same airport, as I relocated for work. Finding a house, settling things down, travel & photography kept me occupied, despite bouts of yearnings to meet my daughter. I was a breastfeeding mom of a then 27-month-old toddler. There I was, trying to kill the guilt of abruptly ending the journey, without taking her consent.

I look at the display board again. It says, “Baggage on Belt”.

It is my husband and daughter that are joining me, after 2 months. The 2 long months meant that I had the space & time just for myself. It was the “me” time that my husband often insisted that I should treat myself to.

It was just me in an empty house, doing a routine at one’s own pace. I couldn’t make calls to my daughter as she did good until I spoke to her to remind that I existed. Things were just fine without the calls. I believed that she wouldn’t forget her mom, even if she is miles away. With distance, they say, love grows.

Clock appeared to tick slow, but it was still a good time of my life.

I could take a long shower, without a toddler knocking at the door. I could visit the nearest supermarket, without the fear of things being pushed & shoved.

I had the time to retrospect, introspect and take on peaceful long journeys, without worrying if the diaper bag was packed.

It felt like a therapy. It helped me heal my mind and appreciate my family even more.

The passengers start coming out, one after the other. I grabbed a yellowish orange rose for my kid and placed myself right behind the steel barricade. I reminisced how I was at same airport few years ago, to receive my then boyfriend who visited me when I was away for work. And here I am, waiting for him and our daughter. Time sure, flies!

Almost after a dozen people walked out, I kept peeping out of the barricade to spot them.

There she was, in a twin pony, cuddling her dad in a soft-structured carrier, as he pushed the seemingly heavy trolley ahead. His eyes sparkled, as he signaled me to stay silent until she found me. I saw her searching for me all through the airport. She turned towards me, as I said ‘ammu kutti’. And we reunited!

After a brief hug with her dad, I looked at her again.

With a feeble smile, she came into my arms and hugged me tight. No words uttered.

I saw her again after the cuddle, there was a broad smile on her face and a realization that we were together again. Her dad was right in time to click a priceless picture.

I wrapped her in the new jacket, held her hands and we started back to my house, ah no, our home!

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