A day without driving – Road less traveled!









Every day, I drive 25kms from home to office. The kms don’t really matter all that much, what really bothers me is that i take the same route, see the same office buses and it might be hard to be believe, but I do see the same set of cars too.  The very same toll gates.  Alas! I wanted a break..

I went to Parrys Corner today to purchase wax for making candles. Parrys corner is one place where you all and sundry – from surgical equipments to steel, clothing to jewellery, bags to books, fancy stores to exlusive pen stores. You get them all! And get them cheap!

I took the help of the local people to figure out the place where I could get plain wax and colors to decor the candles. I finally got it!!! Time to sit up and play with candles!

I also bought fabric for my sis who is on a “Sew skirt” project. Managarams is an awesome place to find fabrics in Parrys. You get a rich variety under one roof. There is no problem of bargains too, its fixed price. The salesman was so good to me that he skipped lunch to complete my sale. How sorry i felt on knowing! He helped me find exactly the kind of fabric i was looking for.

So how did i go today? !!!

I went by the MRTS train from Velachery to Park then caught a bus to Parry’s. On my way I saw the Chepauk stadium, a half-demolished high-school, the Rippon building, Souther railway office, Central Station, Evening bazaar, Flower Bazaar, Chennai High Court, CitiCenter, the new Secretariat, the Tidel Park.. Loved every bit of what I saw.. Sometimes its nice to get lost in this world, to take routes that we never explore!

All the same, I love to drive! More so, into places that I’ve never been before.. Gives such a new feel to life this wonderful hobby – ‘Travel’.

Yearning to see more and more of this world!