A Journey Called Friendship














A boring movie gets all the more funny
A casual walk turns into an eventful journey
A less travelled road now has a trail behind

Every problem seems to have a solution
The more I talk to you
The more I start believing in myself

Horizons of earth broaden
And with them, those of my mind
The world appears more acceptable

The vaccuum of Life
Is here to be engulfed by You
For ‘You’ occupy a space thats hard to fill

With every heated argument
With every effort to patch up
Life gets us closer every moment

Everytime I have a good news
Thats warm and nice to share
I get reminded of You

As Life teaches the lessons of pain
You are here to constantly remind
That every ending leads to a new beginning

Is that how it feels to have a Friend in Life?

This was written for my office Friendship Day Poetry Competition.