Just the 2 of Us!


The Grass Bed

Holding hands as tight as I could

As we walk on a road less traveled

The long silence and the long conversation

In a place sans gadgets and technology

Cuddling warmth of our proximity

And all the heat it generates in a breezy winter

I argue as hard as I do, yet it ends up as a mere discussion

Because its you who is listening

The gentle kiss on the forehead

As my face rests on your hands

Blazing streaks of campfire heading sky-high

And rustling leaves heaped on our grass bed

I hold you tight and bury my head onto your chest

As your tender hands cover me from behind

There is no tomorrow

There is no today

There is just this moment that we spend

This wonderful day that repeats itself a lifetime!

It doesn’t matter if the world comes to an end

I have lived…With You

Morning dreams, they say, come true!