Memorable Birthdays – Thanks to family and friends


Leaves that leave behind a shadow © Poornima


Every passing birthday gives a chance to be reborn

A chance to add more such wonderful days to life

To accept all the gifts you receive

To enjoy all the attention you need

To appreciate all the love you receive

To acknowledge a year’s experience

To heave aside the lows and highs

To welcome a new beginning

We are born just once

We live just a one lifetime

Live your days

Live up your birthdays!


Dreams Untold

A bud Of Indian Middle Class origin

Born with a weak left leg

When hiring an auto was a luxury

I wanted to grow up

To become an auto-driver

To escape the pain of walking

Court scenes in movies enticed me

A good orator at school & an arguer at home

Remarked ‘Highly talkative’ on my progress card

I wanted to grow up

To become a Lawyer

Media and Latest happenings enthralled me

Proofreading the front page of the newspaper

Within the closed doors of a room

I wanted to grow up

To become a journalist

Out of a clear chance & a vague choice

It was time to graduate as an engineer

I dreamt of  a Management degree

With all the entrances I wrote

I converted a call

The deadline to pay the whopping fee was a mere week

I dreamt to study after I work

As I started working

Running into different profiles

I dreamt to become a Business Executive

Albeit successful at whatever I did at each stage

I realize that I have grown up already

And now I get nightmares, not dreams 🙂

I am sure the sunny days will be back

I wouldn’t just dream ‘it’

I would discover & pursue ‘it’

All ways are not closed

With a whole life to accomplish

I can feel the sound of a door, opening.