Dear Brother-in-law

In the darkness of the night

In front of the idols of  God

She whispered into my ears

For mom was asleep

That You were coming into the family

That was the 10th of Jan 2001 presumably

I went back to sleep

Cursing how much I hate this silly newcomer

3 years flew like a facade

And you were officially a family member

That was a nightmare come true!

Endless bouts of cry

How could one shove aside 15 years of friendship for a stranger of 6 months?

I hated myself for I din’t offer enough to be loved

As if someone took off all that I had saved for my life

As if someone denied me a drop of water forever

As if someone strangled my neck

I thought that someone was you

Was that on your wedding day as you offered mom & me to move in too?

Was that during the triple rides on the bike?

Was that on the 3 shared bed?

Was that on the frequent Restaurant dinners?

Was that for the conferred right to call you by your name?

Was that for those pricey slippers you bought me?

Was that for all those weekends you brought her home?

Was that for all those words you never said?

Was that for all the ‘get well’ messages you sent everytime I fell sick?

Was that because of her undiminshing love?

When was it that I exactly realised?

That you were an undreamt dream come true!

How could she belong to me

Nobody belongs to anybody!

Yet there is one thing I still hate you for

For you accept and understand her, the way she is

More than I could ever do to her

As Life keeps you busy like a bee

Miss you brother-in-law!!!

Miss all the time I get to spend with you!!!

But I wouldn’t hold on to you like I did to her

For I know, Love is the water on the palm

Hold it, then it goes away

Leave it, then it stays!!!