Dreams Untold

A bud Of Indian Middle Class origin

Born with a weak left leg

When hiring an auto was a luxury

I wanted to grow up

To become an auto-driver

To escape the pain of walking

Court scenes in movies enticed me

A good orator at school & an arguer at home

Remarked ‘Highly talkative’ on my progress card

I wanted to grow up

To become a Lawyer

Media and Latest happenings enthralled me

Proofreading the front page of the newspaper

Within the closed doors of a room

I wanted to grow up

To become a journalist

Out of a clear chance & a vague choice

It was time to graduate as an engineer

I dreamt of  a Management degree

With all the entrances I wrote

I converted a call

The deadline to pay the whopping fee was a mere week

I dreamt to study after I work

As I started working

Running into different profiles

I dreamt to become a Business Executive

Albeit successful at whatever I did at each stage

I realize that I have grown up already

And now I get nightmares, not dreams 🙂

I am sure the sunny days will be back

I wouldn’t just dream ‘it’

I would discover & pursue ‘it’

All ways are not closed

With a whole life to accomplish

I can feel the sound of a door, opening.