Wedding Photography

1 05 2010

I have covered the photography of 5 weddings. I wish I had taken such pictures in the first wedding I covered – my sister’s wedding – too, but that was with a still camera which was new to me & so was the occasion  🙂

A friend who got wedded in April – her hands were so beautiful with those bangles.

Bride's hands

And their hands together 🙂

Hands together

Thali with its reflection on the plate

Hands again

Garland and its contrast with Thali

And there was another wedding in April. Look at these pictures too 🙂 But they aren’t as bright because of the lighting in the room & night time. I have to find ways and means of shooting at night.


No Global Warming please! - a scene in the Mandapam

Deer in the mandapam

I hope to capture more in other weddings I cover in future 🙂 If you have got a wedding at home, please mail me 🙂 I would love to take pictures that the professional photographer might miss out, because there is a personal touch that needs to be lent to every occasion.


Pictures shot in an Outing with Team

7 03 2010

I loved to see the plunge hotel from the eyes of my Camera.
I thought I should be taking the photo and as well appear in it, which is why I took this photo of footprints 🙂