Two in one


We wake up every morning hoping for a wonderful today and go to bed wishing for a wonderful tomorrow. What if every morning and night remain the same? No prayers to offer, no wishes to make, no human soul to rub the shoulder, no success to celebrate, no edible food to eat and no joy in living?

Thats a black hole. A black hole only absorbs and it doesn’t reflect. Once human beings like us go through such black holes, we take in as much as we could and stop reflecting ourselves to the world. We cease to react to just about everything. It takes you into a shell where your comfort zone shrinks drastically narrow that it cannot accommodate your own self. Nobody can escape a black hole.

Zindagi is too simple and made too complex that every one needs to step into black holes at every stage. Though stepping in is a singular task; stepping out takes the strength of two people. How wonderful a number is ‘Two’. What with the sense of belief that only two can give to one.

Let this black hole not be the last in the list.