Happiness – A Child’s Play









As we are born,

Everything we see and feel is new

The first image, the feather touch and the first squeak

It is all new and all fresh

With a volatile memory sans information

An insanely forgetful memory that brings happiness

As we grow old, memory starts retenship

We don’t listen to understand

We listen to rather reply

We talk not to convey

We talk to be rather heard

We see things

We don’t observe

We often feel unhappy

As we try not to get back to the basics

The basics of a child that we once were

A child that’s eternally happy

A child that trusts her people

A child that listens, forgives and tries to understand

A child that doesn’t hold on to things

A blatant view seething through a child’s eye

And all the Happiness it brings

All afresh and all over

Happiness is just a child’s play!