I want it all!

I want it all as bright as yellow 🙂

I believe that whatever one ‘wants’ in life ‘actually’ is what comes to oneself. Oh, how much I appreciate the one who wrote this famous dialogue for Jab We Met.

I want to eat delicious home cooked food.

I want to drive through less travelled roads.

I want to get my hands down and dirty on the beach.

I want to give my people all the time that I snatched from them.

I want to give my little daughter all that she wants.

I want to buy all the gifts I want to gift.

I want to fly through that airplane.

I want to trek that mountain.

I want to sleep every night without that sensational fight with mom.

I want to scale that much-needed success and await one more at the end of it.

I want to grow a little taller. I want to grow a little fatter.

I want to say I love you evertime i actually feel it.

I want to hug and be hugged. I want to kiss and be kissed.

I want to JUST go see the world.

And… fall in love.

Too often, I dreaded things that I din’t want that I had no time to want what I wanted. You and me have taken all the time GOD, now just give it  to me or here I come to grab my fair share. Oops, fairness is an oxymoron of life!

Here I come to grab my share of happiness, however fair or unfair!